Monday, 5 December 2011

Stop Online And Cell Phone Spying!

Last week Trevor Eckhart, a security researcher, found secret software from Carrier IQ running on his android phone. It tracked and logged his keystrokes, text messages, emails and even encrypted information. "The software is programmed to be as undetectable as possible, ridiculously hard to take off one’s phone, and if that’s not already bad enough—it’s installed and run on smartphones without the owner’s knowledge or permission." For more info, read this article from Open Media and this article from PC World.

With secret software tracking your every text, email and web browsing move, the spying has already begun. Though who is doing the spying right now is a major question that is being investigated (internet service providers or cell phone manufacturers?), soon it could legally be the Canadian government. If the government passes their online spying bills they will have the right to legally track and monitor wireless information and wired internet usage without a warrant, your consent or your knowledge.

We, as Canadians citizens, have a fundamental right to privacy and that should not be taken away from us. Please help stop mass surveillance from becoming legal in Canada. Do your part and get informed. Open Media has a petition that you can sign to let the government know that you do not agree to online spying.