Monday, 23 May 2011

SNL - Liquorville Sketch And Barry Gibb Talk Show

I just watched last night's SNL episode with hubby, tonight. I had to DVR it because he was out of town yesterday and we wanted to watch it together. That's sometimes the only thing we get to do together as a couple in a week, so I made sure to make it happen. I was excited for this particular episode because, one, I'm a closet Justin Timberlake fan (I even forced my husband to dance our first song at our wedding, last year, to his song, My Love. I shocked all of my friends, but I digress) and two, it was the season finale. But not only am I a Justin fan, I am also a Justin SNL Host fan. I swear he is one of the best hosts they have on the show these days (not to discount Walkin, Baldwin or Martin, some of my other favs), every time he hosts, the show is golden. And this was no exception. I pretty much laughed my butt off at every skit. So here is the best one of the night, hands down. A warning, these are not appropriate for kids.

The Digital Short was awesome too, but much too risque for me to post here. If you are up for it, watch it here. It is, of course, hilarious, as the Justin and Andy ones always are.  Also, as a tribute to my hubby, because he always loves the Barry Gibb Talk Show ones so much, I'll post that one as well. I love it when they bring Jimmy Fallon on the show, he's one of my favorites too (and man is he adorable, I miss his hot/cuteness on the show).

Please Note, I had to change these videos because the originals that I posted from YouTube are no longer available. I these found other versions but the Barry Gibb's one is only watchable in the US. If you are outside the US (like in Canada, where I am) you can watch it here

Also, "Really, With Seth Meyers" was absolutely hilarious. Watch a shaky, but available in Canada, version here. And the last one I'll put in here, is "Herb Welch," the old news broadcaster who hits everyone with his mic, which was super funny too. Watch that one here.

I didn't plan on listing almost all of the sketches, but I couldn't help myself. Honestly it was one of the best episodes in years. If you have a chance to watch the whole thing, I suggest you do because it is well worth it. Enjoy!