Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Earth Day, And Thank You David Suzuki!

Here is a wonderful message from my favorite Earth activist, David Suzuki. I remember seeing him speak when I was a teenager. Our school's Environmental Club went on a field trip to Vancouver for an environmental conference. It was so great to leave my small little town and go on an outing to the big city. I was really moved hearing him talk about environmental issues and things that we could do to help our planet. And even though that was probably about twenty years ago, and I don't really remember it that well, I was left with a lasting impression of who he was and how I could be a part of something bigger. He inspired me to get involved and really care about what is going on around me. At the time, I didn't know that I would later go on to complete the Environment Studies Program in college and become passionate about environmental issues. I remember thinking that it was just going to be a fun day out, with my school. I didn't realize how hearing him speak would spark a whole lifestyle change and influence me to be a better person, but he did and I am so grateful. I don't know if you've ever seen his show, "The Nature of Things," but every time I watch it I am reminded of how knowledgeable he is and how much he's done to change our world for the better. If there weren't people like him around to inspire us, then I think the planet would be in an even worse state, than it is right now. So thank you, David Suzuki, for everything you've done for this precious planet we live on, and may many more people heed your brilliant words and implement the change we need to save our Earth.


Brighter Scribe said...

I really enjoy hearing stories from your life. It's amazing isn't it, how there are moments and events in our lives that have the power to change us forever. Well, I for one am glad you are you! And I'd like to thank David Suzuki too!

Keshyra said...

Thanks Kyra! You are a good friend, it's amazing when you think of the path that life takes you on, and the people you meet along the way. If our kids didn't go to school together for that one year, we would never have met, even though we only live a few blocks from each other.

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