Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Keep Pushin' On

Yesterday, I responded to a friend's post on Facebook. She was talking about a rough patch she is dealing with right now, so I posted this on her wall.

And since then I can't stop thinking about this song, and it's lyrics. "Keep pushin' on, things are gonna get better, it won't take long, keep on pushin' to the top." Not only is it a great song to dance to (every time I hear it I want to jump up and start dancing), but it is also inspiring. I think I need a little of that inspiration right now, myself. Things have been difficult for us lately too.  My family and I are going through a rough patch of our own (financially), and it's taking it's toll. One of the hardest parts of dealing with times like these, is that it can put a strain on your marriage. I know my marriage isn't in any trouble, and I know I am a very lucky lady, but having that kind of tension in the house can effect your kids and other family members and is just down right depressing. So with a small glimmer of good news today and a little bit of hope, I am going to "keep pushin' on" and pray that "things are gonna get better." And hopefully soon we will get through this rough patch. Wish me luck, and enjoy the song, it's a good one  : )