Monday, 21 February 2011

The Bachelor - My Review

Okay, I know this is super cheesy but, I love The Bachelor. I know it's my guilty pleasure (along with those Doritos I ate tonight while I was watching), but I can't help myself, I'm a romantic. Just like I love romantic comedies, it's the way I am built. I get excited every Monday, when most people are hating the day, I am looking forward to putting the kiddies to bed and watching it in chasing playback on my DVR. And tonight was no exception.

I especially liked watching the show without that witch Michelle in it. She was like poison for Brad. I know they put personalities like that on the show to give it some drama and spice, but man I did not like her. The way she was always saying "he's mine" was so presumptuous and self centered. And she was so callous to what the other women were feeling and going through, she had to make everything about her. Let's just say I am happy he finally came to his senses and realized she was not right for him. He finally saw that, though they had some fire there between them, there was no real depth or connection. She just kept using her sexuality to confuse him and make him think that there was more there, than there actually was. Whenever there is a girl like that on these shows (or a guy on The Bachelorette), it makes me so nervous that the person won't see through it. But I guess that's all part of the suspense of it all.

Anyways, yay she's gone and we can get down to the realness of it. The real connections and the real, true women. Each of those ladies are stand up, true, beautiful people that have depth and kindness and good hearts. I feel like he could really of picked any of the four and have a really great person to be with. But of course he has to go with his heart and find out who he has the best connection with and who he could to spend the rest of his life with. So I am really torn on who to root for. I love Emily, she is really sweet and I can see them together (and her daughter is adorable!), but there is just something about Brad and Chantal. It's their connection, it's their spark, I don't know but I want it to happen for them. And it was great that he got along so well with her family (I know he got along well with all the families), the affinity that he had with her father was amazing, just adding to the chemistry of his relationship with her. I like Ashely and Shawntel but I don't really see either one ending up with him. So I wasn't too surprised when Shawntel didn't get picked tonight. She's a great person though and I really respect the way she left. She didn't freak out, she wasn't rude (like some witchy people we know) and she wished him well, what graciousness. I really hope she finds someone great someday soon, she deserves it.

So I can't wait for next week, my favorite episode, the fantasy dates. We will see how Brad's connections with these beautiful women deepen. I am guessing that Ashley will go home, but of course I could be wrong. We will see. Anyways I practically wrote a book here, don't think I am shallow for loving this show. In a world where I hear about so many crazy things going on and see so much bad stuff on the news and elsewhere, I just need a little fluff and romance to help me relax for a bit. I'll fret about all the crazy stuff after, don't worry.

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Brighter Scribe said...

I'm so with you on everything you said. And I love to get my romance on on Monday nights too! Everyone needs a little fluff TV now and again.
I am SOOOO glad witchy Michelle is gone. I cringe whenever she said, "He's mine!" *shudder* Yuck! I think he will end up with Chantal. I like them together. And tho I love, love Emily, he can't let loose with her and be his true self. He has to be on his best behavior all the time. And tho he's really into her, that will be the reason he doesn't choose her. I think she will be the next Bachlorette! As for Ashley... I don't get it. Can't wait for next week!

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