Saturday, 26 February 2011

What Is A Good Friend?

I have to give props where props are due. I just started this blog and got lots of great advice from a good writer friend of mine Kyra of The Scribe's Desk (I needed the advice too, I was nervous about doing this, about writing and putting my thoughts and opinions out into the ether, for anyone to read and possibly diss). And what a good friend she is, commenting on all my posts and giving me great feedback. A good friend is someone who is supportive of your new endeavors, who has your back when you need it, and even if you don't talk for awhile can pick up just like no time had passed. I really appreciate all the help and support you have given me and I can't wait to read your new children's book, Tale of the Lost Swan Egg. I bet my kids will love it!


Brighter Scribe said...

Awww! Now it's my turn to go all verklempt! Thank you so much for the accolades and the #shoutout of my book and blog! A post for me. You made my day! I am so happy to be your friend. :)

Keshyra said...

Thanks Kyra, I feel the same way about you!

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