Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sorry Kids, We're Staying In Today

We (my two monkeys and I) spent the last three gloriously sun-filled days, at various different parks and events in Vancouver, and basically weren't home at all. We had one three hour play-date at a friend's school playground on Wednesday, a park play-date and later school carnival on Thursday and another afternoon park play-date and then evening drop in gym play-date at a community center yesterday. So I said to my kids this morning (since it is raining, and I'm exhausted) we're going to stay in today. Then hopefully I can get some cleaning and work done. But I'm thinking that those last three days were maybe too much fun, and have now set a high bar with the kids.

I've been busy all morning (after sleeping in a little, of course) trying to get some stuff done (since I've barely been home over the last three days, to do much housework) and the monkeys have maybe been watching a little too much TV. Then my daughter said something to make me think... you know you're too busy for your kids (and maybe ignoring them a little too much) when... your four year old daughter says, out of the blue, "it's boring at home," while watching Sesame Street. I've never heard her say anything like that before. My 6 year old son, on the other hand, he says "I'm bored" all the time, but has a bazillion toys that he barely ever plays with. I expect it from him, but not her. I guess she's growing up too. Is she going to start giving me attitude soon and say stuff like, "why should I listen to you?" Because if she does, I think I might cry.

Please don't grow up too fast!!!