Sunday, 27 March 2011

10 Songs I Am Loving Right Now

Here is another fun favorites list. It's not my all time favorites, because that would be too hard, but it's the 10 songs that I am really loving right now and can't stop listening to. Feel free to leave me a comment of your faves, I love hearing about new music or thinking about songs I haven't thought of in awhile. Here it goes, in no particular order.

Esthero - Black Mermaid

Adele - Someone Like You

Lightning Dust - Highway

Emiliana Torrini - Sunny Road

Spree Wilson - Don't Pass Me By, Featuring Esthero

Lightning Dust - Never Seen

Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Kate Earl - Nobody

Adele - Tired

PS - Earth Hour was great last night, we turned off all of the lights and lit candles and made up ghost stories. It was my hubby, my kids, my niece and nephew, my mom in law and myself and it was a blast. It was so cute 'cause each kid took turns making up their own ghost stories and all the stories were great. We also played games and just hung out as a family, with no TV or computer or video game distractions, and they loved it. It made me think that we should do this kind of thing more often. Maybe we should do our own family Earth Hour once a month, just for the fun of it.


Brighter Scribe said...

Wow! This post makes me feel like dancing! And singing! We should seriously do karaoke night!!! We seem to have VERY similar taste in music. I thought I was THE only person in the world who knew who Emiliana Torrini was!!!! Matter of fact, I JUST did a post about her this morning, and look, here she is on your blog too!
Your Earth Hour sounds like fun! I too am a big advocate of family nights with no TV etc... to distract from the joys of being together as a family. I'm a big fan of board games, pictionary, sherades. Good times!

Keshyra said...

Gawd Kyra it really boggles my mind how much we have in common!!! My all time favorite board game is pictionary. I haven't played it in years. I would love to get some people together and have a board game night. And as for karaoke, I am so down!

Brighter Scribe said...

HAHAHA! We really should! Can you imagine? We could do our once a month board game night and once every 3 month karaoke night! It would take that long to get over the embarrassment!

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