Saturday, 5 March 2011

What Does Your Birthday Mean To You?

Well, another year older and how do I feel? No different, really. But I have to say, at the ripe middle age of 35, I still like birthdays. I don't know how many people feel that way at my age, but I don't think many do. I know most adults think birthdays are for kids, and certainly they are to some degree. I know I like to make a big deal about my kids special days, because that's it, they are special. When else do you get to celebrate you? When else do you have your friends and family showering you with well wishes and special attention? In the grown up world, where everyone is so busy and no one has time to do many get-togethers, where family life and work takes precedent, it's hard to find time to get all of your friends together in one room. It's hard to see certain friends even every few months never mind get them all together without some special occasion. So that is always what I like to do for my birthday, use it for an excuse to see all of my friends. I love getting everyone together and going for dinner or dancing (really the dancing is something we all used to do back in day, but I still like to do it every once in a while. You're never to old to get your groove on, no matter how everyone stares!). It may not be about celebrating the day of my birth or about turning a year older, my birthday is about friends and family and spending time to catch up and socialize. As a stay at home mom, socializing is something I don't get to do very often, but it's something I crave. So my birthday is that day, my big socializing day. It's my birthday and I'll celebrate if I want to.

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Debony said...

Hope you had a wonderful evening out! annnd I hope you got your groove on like you said. annnnd unless you dance like "Elaine" I bet nobody stared!
Happy Birthday

Keshyra said...

Thanks so much!!! I had a wonderful birthday and it was exactly what I needed!

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