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The Bachelor - Episode 9 Review

Well, here I go again, giving a review of one of my favorite shows, The Bachelor, corny I know, but I can't help myself. This seemed like a really emotional episode to me. You could practically feel the emotion emanating from the TV screen. I'll start with Brad and Chantal. Their fantasy date seemed perfect and their chemistry just flowed so well, I love them together. And their date was so adventurous and fun and romantic too. I would love a safari date like that! Seeing all of those beautiful creatures so close in front of you, but they are in their natural habitat, not in some cage in a zoo. Awesome, and I think the best part of the date (though the safari is hard to top) was the tree house "fantasy suite." To be outside like that, all night long, sleeping under the stars, so romantic!! It's like camping in style, but you don't have to pitch a tent and you are high up in a tree with a view and an awesome bed to sleep in. Incredible! I also really liked how Chantal described being in love with Brad, how she felt like he made her want to be a better person for him, and to give her self unselfishly. I believe true love makes you feel that way. I am totally rooting for her... But...

Yes, there is a but coming up. As much as I love Emily, and she is such a sweetheart, I couldn't really see them ending up together... until now. I just didn't see as much of a spark there. You could tell he was attracted to her and he admired her. But I was wondering, where is the passion and the strong emotional connection? I didn't see it before... but I saw it tonight. The way Brad was talking about Emily's daughter and being a family with them and you could see the tears in both of their eyes, I felt it too. Their connection seemed so much more solid tonight, and he seemed so happy. Also he told her he loved her, that's a pretty big tip off! He didn't tell Chantal that, when she told him she loved him. So there's the but, I am rooting for Chantal, but he may now have a stronger connection with Emily. And I'm sure if he ends up with her he will be happy, she is a wonderful woman and a really great and kind person. But I'll feel so bad for Chantal, because their chemistry is real and the spark is there, but maybe it's not enough. Who knows, we'll find out in two weeks I guess.

Oh, I should probably talk a little about Ashley too. I never really saw much there between her and Brad. And all the confusion and miscommunication they had going on was so silly. If you can't communicate, then what do you really have? Nothing really. I do feel bad for her, of course, but when she said she was so surprised (about being sent home), I thought why? Didn't she see this coming? I mean, the other girls were telling him they love him and want to be with him and have a future with him, and she didn't say any of that. She didn't really talk about any kind of future with him at all. So it's no big surprise that he sent her home. I do hope she finds true love eventually, when she figures out what she really wants and is a little more settled.

So next week is The Women Tell All, my least favorite part of the show frankly, but I'll watch it. It'll be interesting to see if Michelle is still all witchy, or if maybe she regrets the way she was acting on the show (probably not). We'll see.

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Brighter Scribe said...

I really like him with Chantal too. She's so sweet and heart wide open. If Brad doesn't chose her, she'll make a perfect Bachelorette.

I think Brad is going to choose Emily. I could see he was inlove with her. I could feel the depth of his emotion. I could see it. She's the only girl he's said I'm falling inlove with you back to, which does seem like a pretty clear indication as to where his heart is at. And he has always treated her in a little more of a special way than any of the other girls.

No matter what happens, the finale is going to be heartbreaking and at the same time be sigh worthy and romantic. Both those women are amazing.

As for Ashley, I never got it. I know she was heartbroken and angry, but she shouldn't have left that way. I know it's easier said than done, but still, I think she will regret not wishing him well.

As for Brad...I didn't want to think he was something special, ESPECIALLY after the whole Jake Pavelka debacle. I really liked Jake, and after everything and all the rumors and seeing how he was with Vienna after they fell apart, well, I was soooo disappointed. So I guess I was reserved with what I thought of Brad. I didn't want to sigh over him or really like him. I didn't even realize that until this episode. But after seeing how he handled Ashley, how he respected her so much and how he handled saying goodbye to her, I'm a fan. He showed so much class. I finally believe his sincerity. I'm glad he was brave enough to come back, face the fire so to speak, and to try and find true love this time. I really hope he does.

I am not looking forward to seeing Michelle next week. I am looking forward to seeing Fang Girl Madison tho.

Keshyra said...

Thanks for all of your comments. I really appreciate all the feedback and your comments are always so great. Thanks for the support!

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