Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Bachelor - Episode 10, The Women Tell All - Review

Usually, I don't really like watching the "Women Tell All" episode (though I always do), but this time was different. I saw the need for it. I've always thought of it as an excuse to drag the show out, and keep you hanging on for one more week, but it made sense to me for this particular season. A lot of women had issues they really needed to work out and get closure on. For instance with Ashely H, she, like I suspected, unintentionally sabotaged her relationship with Brad. She was too scared to become vulnerable, and she let the situation of the show damage the view she had of her relationship with him. Instead of trusting him, and their feelings for each other, she let her fears get in the way. You could see her doing it repeatedly. It's unfortunate because she really regrets it now. But at least she got to say she was sorry and give him a proper hug good bye. Hopefully she'll move on and learn from her mistakes. On a side note, I didn't know what to think of her as a brunette. I really liked her with blonde hair. Some people look great as blondes and she is one of them. Nevertheless, I do understand her wanting the change, I used to do that after the end of major relationships too. It would always feel so empowering to make a drastic change in your appearance, just by changing your hair colour. I think it helps you feel better about yourself and enables the moving on phase. So good luck to her, she deserves to find true love.

Next I am going to talk about the dreaded Michelle. I have to say, I did feel bad for her, somewhat. I don't know how much I believe all of her excuses for her behavior, but at least she wasn't up there saying that she did nothing wrong. She was visibly shaken and crying real tears. Were they tears for the sake of regaining positive opinions of her? I don't know, but I really do believe that she missed her daughter and was acting kind of crazy because of it. Did the editing and stress of the show make her actions and opinions seem more glaring? A lot of the other women seemed to say that they genuinely liked her during the show and were more mad at her after seeing all of the horrible things she said during interviews. I really do think that she had the wrong kind of attitude. Going into a show like that and saying "I don't want to make friends" is pretty silly. How are you going to function in that kind of a situation, if you have no one to talk to and be friends with? And does that give you the right to be back stabbing and manipulative? There are ways of going about things where you don't have to be mean and put people down to get ahead. It's called having integrity. She could have done it much more tastefully and would not have had such of a negative reaction. But maybe the show needed to have a bad girl for the season and they added more of her negative comments and less of others to make her look more villainous. She did seem to feel bad and maybe she's learned a lesson for it. Who knows, but if I were one of her friends from the show, it would take quite a while for her to win my friendship back, but maybe it could happen.

Onto Brad. He seemed very happy with his selection, and even called her his "significant other." I was trying to gauge his reaction when Chris Harrison said each of the two ladies names, to see if he had any telling facial reactions to them. I even re-winded it (I love my DVR) and played it over a few times to really see, but it was quite hard to tell. The only thing I could say about doing that, is I saw him have a slight eye flinch or wince (though very slight) when Chris said Chantal and he had a little corner smile when Chris said Emily. It could mean nothing of course, but maybe it means he picked Emily. I am still rooting for Chantal though. I love Emily and he probably does too, but watching those clips of him and Chantal together, made me want him to pick her so badly! Still, he probably picked Emily. Either way it will be bittersweet to watch it all, because one amazing woman will be brokenhearted and the other will be over the moon and so happy to have her love returned. On the other hand, as a good friend said to me, the one who doesn't get picked will probably be the next Bachelorette. 

I can't wait for next Monday night!

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