Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Biggest Loser Quote, Is My New Mantra

I watch The Biggest Loser and every week and I find it so inspiring. These people that are so down and lost, get given an amazing chance to find themselves again. Their battle on the show is not just about weight loss, it's about changing their lives for the better, about living, really living, again. They need to find the things that are holding them back and realize what's pushing them down and break the cycle, or some of them won't make it. It's life or death really. Continuing to lead the lives they have led, eating the way they have and not exercising at all, would certainly lead them into an early grave. That's why it's so inspiring, because you watch them figure it out. They go through the process of dramatic change, right before your eyes. And it makes you, the viewer, feel like you are not the only one battling hardships and challenges and if they can do it so can you.

I've battled with my weight too in the past few years (7 to be exact, since the birth of my first child). Not to the the extent that I'd need to go on a show like that, but I certainly would love to go to a facility like Fitness Ridge! That would be so great, just working out all day and having your meals made for you and having someone to teach you good recipes, tailored to your body type. Having a great trainer teach you all the exercises that would be right for you, it would all be a dream come true. But who has the money for that? So what does a "regular joe" have to do? Eat right and exercise. Right? Easier said than done, sometimes. I've had many excuses and I think the biggest ones are, "I'm too busy,"  'I'm too tired," " I don't feel like being on a diet right now" and "I don't need to change anything, I'm fine the way I am." Which are all cop outs of course, but I've said them to myself thousands of times. The funny thing is I used to be tiny. Before kids I could fit into a size 2 (mind you I'm only 5'1"), but now I'm not even close to my old body. As the years have gone by I've been adding a good five to ten pounds, which is really starting to add up.

So here is my inspiration (after that long rant, sorry). I watched episode 9 last week and something one of the contestants said really made me think. It's funny that I've seen all of the seasons, and it's taken this long for something that was said to really hit home with me, but better late than never, right. It's even taken a week and a half of me thinking about it and applying it to my daily life that I've realized that it's really stuck (and I feel good about it). The contestants had just come back from being at home for two weeks, and some did well, while others did not. During the weight in, Hannah (who did really well) said "I've spent the past 15 years sabotaging myself, and going home, and saying no, which in turn was saying yes to myself, felt really great." I thought really hard about that, because it really struck me. I guess for me, dieting has always seemed like you are depriving yourself of things that you want. It feels negative, but if you look at it the way Hannah said, it's actually positive. You may be saying no to the foods that aren't good for you, but you are actually allowing yourself to do something right and positive for yourself. You are saying yes to you! I want to say yes to me. I want to say yes to looking and feeling good! I don't want to be tired and not have any energy for my kids. I don't want to go shopping for new clothes and not buy anything, because I don't feel good in anything I try on. I am tired of saying no to the life and body I want. What is more important? That desert, or having a good life? So here I go, I am saying no to fattening foods that aren't good for me and I am "SAYING YES TO MYSELF!"  There is my new mantra, wish me luck.  : )

(Oh, and thank you Hannah Curlee, of The Biggest Loser, for giving it to me!)

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Debony said...

I think you are perfect the way you are....BUT you have a long life ahead of you and you DESERVE to spend it happy and proud of the things in life you've accomplished. (not limited to and including your body). You'll cross your finish line and when you will have your loving family and friends there waiting for you!
Go on GIRL!!!!

Keshyra said...

Thanks Debony, you're so sweet! What a great friend you are!

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